Traveling Solo in the City of Love, Paris

They say that you’ll learn about people, place and culture when traveling with a group, but you’ll learn about yourself when traveling alone. Traveling solo can be a life-changing experience, and can be one of the best favors you can give yourself. Traveling solo to Paris might sound absurd knowing that this is the city known for romance and love. But this may be your best adventure yet.

Getting Ready

As a solo traveler, it’s best to keep your stuff down the most essential. Know that extra means extra weight, extra burden, extra baggage. . . The list goes on and on. Pack clothes and shoes comfortable enough to wear, and can be easily paired with multiple ensemble. Don’t forget to bring a map and a handy translator pocketbook. Bring a sling bag, which you can carry in the front and keep your stuff safe while sightseeing in Paris.

Getting Around

As a solo traveler, the best time to visit tourist spots in Paris are early in the day or near closing time, when there are very few visitors. Make a sightseeing schedule based on this knowledge, so you don’t get drowned in a crowd. To get to your destination, buy multiple tickets and take the Metro or subway. Buying many tickets is handy because these same tickets are applicable to local buses, rams and trains. Also, try Bateaux Mouches boat ride. Ride only marked or licensed taxis, and check a rate card to confirm rates and charges.

Finding Accommodation

It’s advisable to stay at local bed and breakfast inns, where you can meet other people and get advice from the owners. For lunch or dinner, there’s an array of restaurants and cafes where you can comfortably eat alone. Some of the best solo dining places in Paris include Garnier, Locavore Bistro, Left Bank Bistro, and Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Also try Lo Sushi, Juveniles and Coffee Parisien in the park where other single diners are likely hanging out.

Exploring Paris

Check out the weekly Pariscope Guide and book a walking tour. You can also visit Village Voice Bookstore, Shakespeare and Co. and The American Library for some reading. Get to know Paris deeper by attending short cultural classes at WICE. Of course, complete your solo trip to Paris by visiting the Eiffel Tower, watching the Mona Lisa and gazing at the architecture in Notre Dame.