The discovery into the most wonderful mountains in Australia

Australia is well- known for not only beautiful landscapes, ancient structures, various species of plants and animals but also grand mountains. They are special in terms of their shape, geography, and unique beauty. Every year, these mountains attract thousands of tourists all over the world to visit and take photos. Moreover, the tourist attractions challenge many young people in the adventurous sports such as climbing and cycling.

Uluru Mountain

You will not feel regret when having a tour to the mountain. Uluru is regarded as the pink heart of Australia.  It has a shape of human’s heart. It was formed 680 million years ago. This mountain is older than other ones in the world. There are many tales and stories of this destination. Many people believe that the mountain brings lucks for people. It is 384 kilometers high and 3 kilometers wide. Standing in the top of Uluru, you will enjoy beautiful natural settings and wonderful deserts.

Especially, Uluru Mountain has a change of colors from the morning to the evening. This destination is recognized as UNESCO Natural World Heritage Blue Mountain

Elevation: 3,986′ (1,215 m)

Area: 4,402 sq miles (11,400 km²) Formed in the west of Sydney, Blue Mountains is considered wonderful landscape of Australia. In the destination, tourists can drop in Echo Point in Katoomba city, Govett’s Leap in Blackheath city, Gordon Falls near Leaura, Kanangra Walls in Kanagra Boyd National Park, The Senic Railway in Scenic World and Jenolan Caves. Blue Mountain is famous for Three Sisters Mountain where you can enjoy natural and poetic settings. Three Sisters Mountain is recognized by UNESCO World Heritage in 2000.

Snowy Mountain

Formed in the South East of New South Wales, Snowy Mountain is an ideal destination for tourists. It is famous for skiing activities. You can drop in some cities and towns there such as Cooma, Jindabyne, Thredbo, Charlotte Pass, and Tumut. Let come there for your rest and relaxation from June to August.

Wave Rock Mountain

Wave Rock Mountain will bring you a wonderful experience in Australia. Located in the West of Australia, near Hyden town, about 350 kilometers from the East of Perth capital, it is appreciated as one of the most beautiful rock mountain in the world. It possesses the original shape from the distance. Inside the Wave Rock mountain is an interesting museum. It is a small park, the habitat of wild animals, and food stalls for tourists. Besides, visitors can have a look at rare plants, native species of birds and white kangaroos in the local park.

In short, visiting these mountains will be an unforgettable memory in your life. Let take your backpack and enjoy fresh atmosphere in the top of the mountains. Tourists can find out new knowledge and broaden their mind about a new world.